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Photo Album

Page history last edited by liz noble 10 years, 7 months ago

Photos of Greenbank


See pictures of Greenbank, and some of the recent events that have taken place.


Crazy Golf 2009

If only this was a permanent feature.


Scruffs 2009

A fantastic day with the local dog talent.


Clean Up

A great day that demonstrated a fantastic community spirit. Together we cleaned at least 30 bin bags of rubbish. Thanks everyone. 


Consultations 2008

We began our consultation to find out what people would like to see in Greenbank Playing Fields at the Friends of Levenshulme's Easter Egg Hunt. We hosted a second consultation day in June. Both days were a success. It was great to meet people who lived in the area and hear their ideas. Excellent cake too! 


Day in the park

Just after the campaign to save Greenbank started, we organised a 'day in the park' where we encouraged local residents to come along and use the field, to help draw peoples' attention to the proposed development. People brought picnics, played games and sat and talked to other residents.


Hawthorn planting

The City Council gave us hawthorn saplings to plant along the Manor Road side of the field. 


Protest Easter Egg Hunt

Link to Friends of Levenshulme images of the Easter Egg Hunt. Members of the Residents' Association were on Greenbank to stamp postcards and to ask people how they would like to see Greenbank used in the future. The results of the consultation questionnaire can be seen here.


Greenbank in Winter

Pictures of snow-covered Greenbank, taken by Liz.



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