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Minutes September 2008

Page history last edited by Marie Carroll 11 years, 6 months ago

Greenbank Residents’ Association

Minutes 2nd September 2008


1.    Management Plan

Bluebell side- no hedge, not happy with this

Stream- where will it go in and come out? Clarity

Trees along back of Fieldbank not across the middle at top (where are is OK)

More trees along manor rd

Cricket strip needs to be put up the top

Pagoda is a little bit small

MUGGA- why rebuild the wall? Maybe make it bigger and having a cricket pitch in it

Can we remove it? Whats underneath it?

Space could be squished in at the top- like in Lady Barn

Hedge on manor road, greenbank park, needs taking off so streets can be linked

Pedestrianise the manor street (at top)!!!! Bring parks together

Entrance at the top of Byrom for children to get onto the park

Wildflowers in the middle bit

Mown pathways

Don’t do anything without our say so/ consultation!

What made of- ramps ?

Timeframe- best quality!

Consultation- 11th October in the Library

2.    Update

Someone each day has bin- Judith on the case!

Paul contact Landlife and

3.    Events

11th October 2008- Judith

October half term- bird boxes

December 6th

May half term – chidlrens arts/ graffitti thing- mugga in park or grages

Picnic in the park and Kite flying (summer)

Dog show- in aid of Manchester dogs home (August)

4.    Breathing spaces

Building materials for Birdboxes

5.    Newsletter

End of September deadline for

Date for diary and then put that out

Judith link with FofG

Consultation results

Allotments- Paul (human interest)

Dates for diary

Final plan

Bigger writing please

Cake recipe from Sarah

Flyer- in DR’s and dentists to advertise the consultation

6.    AOB

7pm start and not 6.30pm

F of Greenbank- approach the Manchester Reporter and all FM

££££ meeting- Judith

Chairs out of tree- good idea

Plants- are being sprayed and killed along the bottom of the park.

Drug dealing at different entrances of the park, particularly Rushmere

Avenue entrance and entrance nearest the shops. Police need to be

informed of this. There does not seem to be any particular peak time

for this activity.

Contact Steph for the plan for the wikki- http://greenbank.pbwiki.com


Visit the park- Debdale, Platt Fields, Crowcroft, Erwood Rd, Lady Barn


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