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Minutes October 2008

Page history last edited by Marie Carroll 11 years, 8 months ago

Greenbank Residents' Association


Minutes - 7th October 2008


1.    Welcome and hellos

Pip and Richard will be working with us. Pip introduced herself and said she would be supporting Richard who is

Apologies; Marie


2.    Minutes

     Agreed as OK


3. Consultation

10.30am start and set up

2-4pm is the actual time for consultation


Need to take photos of other parks; Gareth to do and get money from Irene


Breakdown of costs- Pip have costs to bring to it

Management plan- printed up by Steve and dropped to Hannah’s house

Wish lists- consultation info

Map itself – Hannah to bring

Tea and cake – biscuit off, everyone to bring ask mark for tea and coffee things

Shamshad needs to do the publicity for it

Signage – need to have pictures of what they will look like. Richard to do that.  2 info points and 1 history one.


Advertise; problem with getting pulled down so need signage and info points asap.

Pip need to get the amount and then let Leisure know how much we have. Pip/ Richard to send us quotes.

Pip- contracts and services have given a quote to sort it out. Will help


4.    Drugs issue at the corner of the park

Judith has been attending meetings and police have said it should be monitored and only real long term solution is cameras. Effectiveness of this was questioned, vandalism will be an issue. The baths do not lock their gates and this continues to be a problem as it attracts problems.

To do- contact SERCO and complain, Pip  to follow this up


5.    Funding

Judith suggested Awards for All; is something we should be applying for as it’s a positive pot.



6.    AOB

Match funding is an issue, S106 money has been promised but this money may not be that simple as it may not be released as houses not sold and is tied. Councillors will be the ones to know more about it we need to approach them.  Last Ward Coordination meeting it was mentioned.


No budget allocation for this park from Leisure- cash grants are the only places we can get the money really.


The fields needs to be aerated – Pip explained that there are areas of grass lands have been sold/ built on and there is nowhere for the water to go, it’s filtering into the parks. Clarity as to why the it was mowed so heavily over the summer- Pip and Richard to follow this up. Composting of the grass- difficult as no where to take it, some parks do have stuff taken away by Collector. Grounds Maintenance man has come in, Bob, covers all parks north of here so he is stretched but he should be covering this.


Drainage of the park has been discussed by Pip with relevant team led by Andy. Team has been into examine and look at it today so they have been rodded and cleaned. Good news is that its intact but very built up with silt, there is currently no maintenance regime. If this doesn’t work then team have suggested that French drains (hole full of lime stone where the water can gather) may need to be put in at the side or the path may need to be raised (this will be very expensive). Difficult to move the path as the whole area is sodden, its at its lowest point where the path is. Land is also clay and doesn’t soak up water quickly. Pathways would cost a total of £27,000 and not the £12,000 we have been working towards. We can do sections of path at a time. Raised questions about Councils responsibility regarding park and ours- Pip encouraged us to carry on as our management plan etc is part of it.


Corner house- this has not been followed up and the relevant park people have not been in touch. Gareth to follow up


Moving the trees- could we make them into seats? Gareth would like them to be moved to block area, Pip explained that we could move it


Need to slow down- Pip suggests that we need to slow down and have a more structured plan, we feel we are being more proactive.


Richard needs the information and will get orders done- we need to pay a cheque. Pip will follow this up and then contact Irene who will write a cheque.


Bulbs and plants along fencing on Rushmere – Friends of Greenbank raised £300 and gardeners have killed half of them by spraying them. Have done this since last meetings. Stephen will contact Opps Services and ask for refund if this doesn’t happen Richard and Pip will get Colin Higins (Opps Services Manager). Email all issues with ground maintenance should be fed to Richard who can then take a message to them.


Christmas do- we should go somewhere and do something


Cash grant- follow this up and try and get Chaz to follow this up


Breathing Spaces; Hannah to send costings


Trees need to be planted now; after consultation


Newsletters and posters- distribute them;

Hannah and Gareth- Manor

Liz, Ben, Irene and Anne- top end



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