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Minutes November 2008

Page history last edited by Marie Carroll 11 years, 8 months ago


Greenbank Residents' Association


Minutes - 2nd November 2008

1.    Minutes

Agreed as correct from October

2.    Actions

Newsletter delivered

Consultation event happened

Russell Bagley not contacted, very rude. 

-       Hannah to complain.

-       Janet to complain to his manager

-       Julie to follow this up

-       Gareth suggested that we can work around it and we should do it ourselves

Pathways will not be matched funded by Leisure

-       Do we want to concentrate on one area or cover the gaps

-       Could we fill in the pot holes? Judith to approach Leisure about this or we could do part of it e.g. the corner.

Rodded the drain

-       Judith brought in a photo of the drain they have rodded and it is no better, there is no improvement. It’s ridiculous!

-       We would not touch the drain.


Action- Julie to follow up on this ASAP and the pot holes

Gorilla gardening

     -     take photos before we start just in case

-       Go out there and do it ourselves

-       Link in a do the Rushmere Avenue

– SLUG do it so we could too!

-       BTCV have been around and have done work with us

-       Must not be seen as an official

-       Clean up could happen on the Sunday the 7th. Judith to speak to the man who lives in the house to make sure he’s involved. At end come here for Xmas drinks.

-       Could build the wall up- borrow mixer from Peter, Marie has an electric saw, people to bring useful trees with them. Meet at 12pm.

-       Contact Red Rose- Paul is in charge. Anna is going to plan the park- hoping to do so ASAP. These are all questionable.  Subgroup on trees- Gareth, Paul, Ann, Seth, Dan, Marie, Dave, Janet. Tree planting to happen on the 7th as well? Decided that January maybe the best time for it. Importance of having mature trees but Paul suggests that we plan more than we need to make sure some survive.

3.    Funding

Hannah informed everyone about the Community Funding for the £2000 for young people’s projects

4.    Cash Grants

-       Hannah’s discussion with Charles

-       Janet informed us about Section 106 money -

5.    Lecterns

-       Limited in design due to costs, look robust (like in Highfield). Gareth suggest that one goes by tree and bin at entrance at top of Barlow and Bourneville and the other on Manor rd entrance.

-       Liz is in contact with Richard and he is keen to make sure we can spend the money.

-       Liz to design the info- maybe get the history from the archive in Manchester university.

-       Hannah suggested that we put one of the

-       Can we put a lectern in the little park?

6.    Christmas Fair

-       Bird boxes – this will be happening at the same time. Richard from leisure will have a marquee on the park. Everyone can be involved

-       Irene has the invoice- she feels it is expensive but everyone agreed it was better to do it rather than not

-       Hamper- brings things for the hamper, to the next meeting. Liz will be hamper monitor. Everyone to bring things for it on the 3rd.

-       Advertise- Liz will prepare a poster. Stick them up wherever we can.

-       Hannah to contact people regarding advertising.


Cakes and biscuits- everyone to bring them. Ask Mark to make. 

Bring and buy- books, Ann, clothes etc

Mark and Hannah may go to the market

Liz will make badges

Raffle- for the hamper – Hannah has tickets

Guess how many sweets are in the jar- Irene will buy and sort

Julie to drop stuff off with Mark- Hannah to check this is OK

7.    Dogs Home Show

Judith calendar is booked up but they have had some drop out. Judith to arrange for April

8.    AOB

Scarman trust- Janet can email the info to Ben


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