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Minutes May 2008

Page history last edited by Ben Robertson 12 years, 5 months ago

Minutes of meeting

6th May 2008

  1. Welcome and introductions

  1. Minutes of meeting agreed as correct

Marie showed us the stats so far, looks great. Everyone thanked Marie.

Not heard from Mary from Parks about S106 money. 

  1. Newsletter; proof copies, will be A4, activities sheet will pull out, make consultation as fun as possible. Liz explained that it was a fancy consultation rather than a newsletter.  I think its fab,

Timeline- mid June to return them back too us, end of June to plan a public meeting. Deadline is 3rd of June at next meeting. 28th June is the date for the public meeting – maybe in St. Peters church or Library. Should be a presentation rather than a consultation

Action- Post through doors and go down streets

Janet- Rushmere

Irene and Anne- Byron, Bornville, Mount up to Matthews lane and Fieldbank and Greenbank

Gareth- 2 streets back – Audley and parallel behind Manor

Shamshad- Hornbeam

Janet - Barlow Road Joan down to shops

Liz- Garfield, Carnegie and Lincoln

Hannah, Liz, Marie and Janet- 100 copied each, pick up at Pub on 13th at 6pm

Deadline- at a public meeting? Liz suggested we do it a few weeks before a public meeting. Gareth thought we should put a line under it, Hannah agreed as the council wanted that.  Deciding where things should go is going to be an issue.

Janet noted that we should have little things, which didn’t cost much but which saw things happening. Fun things get people involved.

Janet introduced a newsletter that FOG had previously sent out. They had a great number of funders. 

Action- Hannah put in one of the shops

Action- Gareth to make a post box for us- for pub and shop.

Action- Over 50 with Anne Marie, 700 printed- price it up and see. Marie to send email to Hannah/ Liz

Hannah and Janet to print out at work

Mark agreed to put them out and have a ballot box.

  1. Set up a website-

Marie has set up a wickie, its very exciting, thanked her. Marie lets people join it, she has overall charge.

Front page, pictures etc, minutes of meetings, questionnaire up, results

Action- to let FOL know, Marie to let them know

  1. Cash Grant application- no closing date, environmental improvements to area e.g planting, hanging baskets, Chapel Street got it last year, down to councillors who gets the money. Need to get quotes – Chapel street have got planters outside the library. Hanging baskets would be nice- parks do it all, tell them how many we need, never enough! Securing the park was also important- kissing gates important and disabled access. £40,000 for the whole ward.

Importance of securing the paths- that should come from another source.

Go through parks as it’s cheaper and don’t have to pay VAT.

Gone for 1 kissing gate from the cash grant- up to £2,000 

Action- Janet to contact parks and get them to price it up

Janet to fill in the form

6. Neighbours Day- 27th May

Putting/ Crazy golf- build a hole each out of cardboard, make one whole, mini crazy golf. Not a lot of cost attached.

Link in end of consultation with an event – kite making event

End of June- 29th

Action- Hannah to contact Neighbours Day people and Liz and Hannah fill in form

Action- Birds of prey- free, get in touch. Firebrigade also come in free.

Liz kite making workshop 

Picnic in the park- one year on! 

Bernard to make a kite for us- Mark to ask him on our behalf!

6. Publicity-

    Liz is amazing and has put the new dates up

Action- Liz will make a poster for the park day

Action- All FM- Ben to let them know about it and Liz/ Gareth to go on and talk about it

9.  AOB

ITV. Com- money for local stuff- Joan to have a look

Amey- new lamp posts aren’t strong enough for the hanging baskets

Janet not sent the stuff through about grant but she will be doing it asap

100 days- could we do a clean, 31st of May- contact the council and get them to help Janet to follow up!!! 2-4pm.

Community safety and street lights thingy- Hannah to email out to Greenbank

Mark welcomed people to make comments regarding the area which he will feedback to local police and licensing authorities. Mark informed us about an attack on a gentleman on Dunstable street. Comments were made about drug dealers in the area- we have reported it to the police. Mark to bring it up at pub watch.

Next meeting- 3rd June; Mary will be talking to us about Parks management plan for the park


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