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Minutes June 2008

Page history last edited by Marie Carroll 12 years ago


Minutes- July Greenbank


  1. Welcome and hello


Apologies- Mark and Ben


Thanks and hello


Exec member for culture and leisure Mike Amesbury has come along and say hello and listen to everyone.


Sunday- Gareth thanked everyone, went really well. Cakes and kites went down well- raised £8.50 on the day. Congratulations to Stephen and Becky on winning the cake. Bernard to kite flyer thanked us and encouraged us to do it again.


Minutes- Richard is called Stephen

Drugs and not Dugs on the last page

Didn’t remove the rubbish- 


Any points to raise on the minutes; everyone agreed they were a true record



Gareth email pictures to Marie from Sunday and put them on site 



  1. Vision;


Marie summed up the results of the consultation main issues were lighting, safety. Lots of children and adults took part. The brook opening was also raised, sheltered place to sit, exercise points, dog walking areas, bins etc. Mostly environmental issues raised, safety issues- lighting etc. 


Lots of ideas and working out a phase of work is the next plan


No- one from Leisure is present today but met Richard


Would like this to be a beacon project that’s positive and people can think outside the box. This needs to be a special project. We should promote renewable energy- not just plastic and metal. We have big ideas and we will work towards it in stages, we will raise the money.


Identify other areas and parks which have good ideas- Birchfields park, Platt Fields etc. We need to learn from others before we set off on our own journey.


The feeling was that it would be a good time to take come action.


Mike- need to get a Greenflag status, the community should be part of the Management Plan and as long as we’re realistic. Mike welcomed emails and offers to support, council officers will work on it. 



Need to be a link between the parks- Stephen Downey has been trying to make better links between them, there is a ward plan. Councillors and council felt that this was indeed being developed and depends on the work of community and community groups like us and the Vision.


Greenbank park- don’t know where to start in terms of safety and police.


Votes for park;


Stream- favour of the stream

All in favour

Reservation on health and safety need to investigate

Will change the way people use the area


Running track- 10 in favour (and many)


Sports area- Motion carried

multi use, fenced off so no dogs, astro turf (very expensive), add that we should find out where is suitable for this and if not identify where


Fences and kissing gates- all carried and should eb a priority


Drainage- United Utilities area collects water underneath


Paths ways- Link in with band stand

Also very important, need more of them


Band stand/ covered multiuse area-

young people can play, people can meet a covered meeting area, must be accessible


Youth Shelter (x2 in top end)- For young people, home and away type shelter 


Link band and youth shelter – so they are covered and linked together


Crossing and road safety in introduced to link the parks together-


Trees and meadow-

In Bloom need to check that this is the right place for the trees and plants

Meadow would be at Rushmere end, allows free and open space. People need to feel safe.  


Area behind baths- OAP fitness area/ fitness area

Don’t want people congregating here as close to people’s house


Lights- Agree but solar powered and depends on where it would go

To light the paths.



Questions/ Comments- people want more trees on Manor road and in middle, maybe consider putting them throughout the park. Alley way of trees is possible?

Running track- good to run on the grass and not path, path around the edge would be good, kissing gates would stop people cycling,

Open and free- people use it in the way that works for them, freedom, its good!

Anything in front of our house- would bandstand be an eye sore?

Wheelchair access is also an issue.

General point- there will be people who have a problem with elements of this. We need to present a final plan.

Everyone needs to have access to everything or it will be vandalised and will be seen as being ‘for them’.

Maybe need to consider a ramp of some kind for BMX bikes


Landscaper can create something that is creative, amazing and not an eye sore. We need a professional!



Now is the time to write this all up and get everything down on paper.

Ties in with our year end and AGM, publish finances and where we want to go.


Liz’s plan; 3 sections for the plan

A- intro and synopsis, events, screen garbs of website, newspaper, accounts, letters etc, funding info, links with others groups, comments from group members

B- the consultation methods, summary and results. Vision and plan with some example pictures

C- the way forward, from AGM onwards what are the things we want, costing’s, rules and regulations etc


-       £105, 000 for the park and £40,000 for the MUGA we need to move on and find out what we want this needs to go into the area

-       Friends of Greenbank need to merge ASAP, they have £700 approx



-       Tour of the parks- go to Platt Fields (August)

-       Approach Leisure and ask them to draw up a design 

-       We need a clear idea of the costs – Dappa Homes etc

-       Contact In Bloom regarding meadow but subject to it safety

-       Put plan out for final consultation- leave plan out for people to comment on and give people chance for any final comments

-       Greenbank – not the park will need to be

-       Report- Gareth write synopsis of the year, where did we start? Marie print the document, Ann provide copies of newspaper, Janet to do funding information? Marie to write up consultation. Gareth vision and the plan- scale it down. All to collect examples of what they would like to see so we can put it in- Ruthie to do this with Liz. Hannah to write in future plans, phases and stages  to include Breathing spaces. Hannah to write about links with other groups.

-       Simon to facilitate the meeting with Gareth and Judith to merge the two groups.


  1. AGM;  

 15th July

Roles- chair, vice, secretary, treasurer, publicity,

Nominations opened- encourage people to put names forward


Expression of interest;

Liz is staying in her role

Gareth is to stay within this role

Anne and Irene continue in the role


Marie will do the financial report


£6,625 in our account now, yippee!!!


  1. Breathing spaces;


Action- Hannah to approach them for money to match fund the park. Signs and bins are mainstream and Cllrs will support us to get them to support us. We need to nail them down. Cash Grant – can’t have it all as it is their job to do. The plan will help on this- link mainstream with additional stuff.

Discuss a plan in the next meeting


5. AOB


-       Matthews Lane and safety is a very important issue, Mount road. We need to raise this as an issue. AGM need to raise it as an issue in the next meeting.

-       Byrom Parade about fences

-       Hannah email to cllrs;

Rushmere wall- move the wall and we’ll help to move the wall, would be happy to help the gentleman with this. Everyone agreed and offered support. Local rugby team would also help- Fallowfield contact though Mark.

Approached council to demand an apologise for the rubbish and lack of support from them

-        Drugs activity- drugs squad arrested someone

-       BBC Breathing Spaces- event to happen in every ward, with fund and support an event in this ward. Ruthie to pass the message onto BBC and allow them. 

-       Hawthorn is being sprayed – must make a complaint Simon to contact her



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