Minutes January 2009

Greenbank Residents Association


Minutes - January 6th 2009



1.    Welcome

Stephen.D, John, Gareth, Hannah, Simon, Anne, Joan, Irene, Janet, Judith, Julie, Marie, Ben, Liz, Paul, Anna, Seth


2.    Apologies


3.    Update

Christmas Fair £119


4.    Update from Leisure/ Councillors

Simon, Stephen etc met to discuss the money situation and have agreed to what;

£20,000 pathways

£2000 archway

Etc etc


£8000 from Cash grants- we will need to submit a new form. Simon explained that we need to put something together as an association. Basically what would we spend another £8,000 on? Will undoubtedly be something linked into the priorities we have set. Form is 1 side of A4.


Stephen explained that in a meeting with Anna, Paul etc they decided to move the path between Manor and Barlow where it floods. French drain will go either side of the path. This will cost £19,339.61. Drainage will cost us a fortune for this park, drains have collapsed.

Fence line from substation to Fieldbank; just under £10,000 including kissing gates.


Have £5000 spare and need to spend some of this on pathways. Also could put a gate at the bottom of Byrom.


Archways; Manor and Barlow??? Up to us but need to secure Manor. Gareth suggested moving the trees to block this. Manor road end needs to be strengthened and made better.


In original cash grants we put in 5 kissing gates; Fieldbank, Byrom, top mount road,


Lecterns will be there from end January/ mid Feb


Happy for Stephen to go forward with this asap. Will be done asap, mid feb and on going by end financial year.


Groundwork Landscape; will be putting the soil in, land fill in, manhole will be raised, end January whip planting (anna and paul will discuss). In consultation with RedRose about planting trees/ fence to finish the hedge along manor road. Barrier will be put into back of park by swimming pools



Stephen submitted Gateway form to; Geoff Fyball, Gateway

Gateway is a new system in the city council, have to submit everything to the council due to maintenance issues etc. Gateway committee looks at it and see's if it works, considers if any other funding pots available etc. Money has to be spent in area as that’s what s106 money has to be spent on. Committee will consider if it should be supported on this rather than other community things.


Ian Jarvis has all details about s106. Hoping form will come back from February.


Need some more bins- inside and outside e.g. Barlow road. One outside the chip shop, people have been lobbying John about the dustbins.


Paul- has suggested the community orchard. We all very much like the idea!!! Trip out could be organised for mid Feb, Stephen will book a minibus


Stephen to ask Groundwork to move the logs, everyone agreed that I should be done ASAP. Paul and Anna felt that they needed to be moved. Liz fed back that moving and chopping them up into shapes would not be appropriate as we cant afford it, its expensive and Liz not convinced about how appropriate it is. Arboire team could do it, Stephen to follow this up. Seth will organise the trees being into moveable sizes, need to be 2meter sections.


5.    Dates


Stephen submitted £1000 for an event so wait and see on that


January 17th- tree planting (17th Richard working and bird box building could be put into that). At 10.30am- Stephen will drop trees off on Friday, warden will bring spades etc

Irene to go and get discount. Rus bagley said he would be involved.


Feb- newsletter

Feb 16th – 18th Graffiti project

Feb 19th – youth shelter consultation


March 14th- celebration of what we've achieved with Breathing space; children's grafitti, art (Richard working)


April 26th- Dog show, lets have our own as Manchester dogs home cant be involved.


May 9th- clean up (Richard working)


June 28th - Picnic in the park, kite flying, crazy golf, RESFEST!!!



July 11th- clean up


November- newsletter


December 5th- Christmas fair

Everyone happy with this, Liz to type up


6.    Newsletter

To go out in Feb?

Tell people what's happening

Soup off- Liz is the winner!

Christmas report

Dates update


7.    Funding


Hannah explained the pots of money she was aware of.

Gareth asked people to put them; Hannah, Liz, Joan, Janet, Judith


Hannah to follow up funding; with BreathingSpaces.


YOF/YCF- John explained the process and Hannah explained that Feb is part of this. Good to know area is lacking in funding


Youth provision- not much of it, youth services is very low yet have a lot of young people (in terms of population). Not had much luck in meeting the steering group from YCF/YOF. 3rd if Feb there is a scrutiny meeting to get young people involved in this area- Julie will make sure that we are informed of this. We need to get info into the school, we need to email this. We can use the school. We need to engage with young people, Hannah explained her experiences and participation is a key. Hannah felt that we should not.


Contact; cricket club, YISP, under 14s football teams, Arcadia, Anthony Thompson (ask Stephen for contact).