Minutes December 2008

Greenbank Residents' Association


Minutes - 2nd December 2008



1.    Welcome


2.     Apologies

Anne (in USA)


3.    Minutes – matters arising


Charles explained that;106 money- manor rd £40,000 has been made available. The money from mount road development £100,000 gone for football improvements and rest will follow. Stephen Downey has passed on wishlist and costing's.


Simon explained; that a 4 figure sum has been allocated, not total figure we asked for but it is some of it. Stephen Downey has agreed to work this out, councillors and leisure and us will attend a meeting to discuss this and thrash it out.


Action- Stephen has been in touch and arrange meeting with Gareth and Hannah and others


Councillor Aimsberry has been in touch with Hannah regarding the above- MUGGA has been allocated £105,000 to Mugga and £40,000 for the rest of the park. We need to lobby Leisure and Mike A. We now have the costings and should use this as a starting point.


Gareth went though minutes and talked through minutes.


Lecterns- the cheque has been sent off and we are waiting for them to be put. The invoice was incorrect- the wrong price and the Invoice was to Friends of Greenbank and the lecterns were to the park. We have only just got a good price. They are hoping to get them to put them in by the end of the year. 


2.    Events


Sunday 19th of April or the 26th- the dogs home bring the marquee and the ring with them, they provide a judge, and Friends of Greenbank will provide the publicity. We can bring dogs and they bring their own.


Kites, crazy golf, etc


Tree planting – Gareth to get onto RedRose and Hannah to choose an event at the end of Jan


H to come up with dates and bring them to the whole meeting


Freecycle- we should have an event where everyone swaps


There are lots of residents association- ResFest to try and get as many people as possible from local associations together


Event to decorate Bins- makes it all worth while



4.    Paths

We identified bits of the path we would like to have done (corner) they were supposed to come and look at the drains but they haven't as yet. 

Judith emphasised that we has asked them to do stuff ASAP and we would like them to do some things ASAP.


We need to nail them down for dates and ensure there is an action plan.

Emphasised most important areas; pathways, security and arches

Should leave the notice boards there for the people to use

Trees available- maybe we could tree line the path or bottom end of Byrom, Hannah to give Paul Stephen D's email address so they can discuss this in more detail.


5.    Parktastic

Hannah mentioned the fact that the project is happening but not many young people are attending. The weather is obviously a contributory factor in this. Any children you know of could be informed.


6.     Fair

Richard is defiantly coming

Irene has prepared the sweet jar

Mark will provide bags and napkins for cakes

Everyone to bring and buy

Hannah and mark to go and get the fruit and veg on Friday morning

Liz apologised as she has to work as is Gareth and Ben

Publicity- Liz to print some off

Serena – will do a stall

Hannah to email Stephen about coming


7.     Sunday

The rubbish is being picked up on Monday

Skip is being delivered on Sat or Sunday- please find out

We will start at 12pm

Hannah and Liz to try and talk to Janet regarding skip drop off 

Irene to get money out for the after drinks - £50 for refreshments


8.     AOB


Irene mentioned that the money for bird boxes has yet to be cashed.


Move the logs, Stephen can use a chainsaw so he maybe able to cut them up and make them into seats- Liz has been talking to Phillipa about this. The cost of cutting it up is very expensive, Phillipa is briefing them but we haven’t agreed to it. Liz mentioned that it was not really cost effective and didn’t feel that we would get the most for the money. Liz has told Phillipa that this is not a priority for us and is far to much money. Phillipa agreed to seat idea and volunteered Steve- we need to talk to them about this. Should they be used for barriers- Judith explained that the tractor man has not agreed to do this in the path.


Goal post- we would be able to get a goal post then it would define the area. Should try and follow this up ASAP. Gareth has spoken to them about it.


Hawthorns have been rescued and the trees have been pulled up- thanks to Gareth's mum.


Rented property- we need to approach Carol about tyding up her fence


Paul is putting forward our area; Greenbank and Nutsford Vale for Environment agency to link into.


We could make a calendar- to talk about our events and sell to people